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INTERNET LOVE ...meeting of the mindless

So, here I am talking with a guy I know. After quite a long time into the conversation, out of nowhere, he says "I'm going to Michigan"

Now understand, Michigan is like 8 hours away...

So, I asked why, and he said he was going to meet a girl. He was also going to meet a girl in Pittsburgh (about 5 hours away).

Ah, welcome to the world of internet romance. Am I the only one who sees this as ridiculous? Supposedly, both of these girls are gorgeous and over 18. A gorgeous girl over the age of 18 DOES NOT need to meet some nitwit on the internet from 8 hours away!

I've given the whole concept some thought and here's what I've come up with. My research includes seeing other couples who have met on the 'net and using a functional brain...

1. Most people looking for love on the net are at the least socially inept, at worst, sociopathic...

2. Most people use a photo of them at thier best (usually from 5 years and 35 pounds ago)

3. Have these people never watched the news to know these things are a bad idea?

4. You meet the person, end up alone with them. Next thing you know, you have a syringe sticking out of you and they are preparing to carve you up for Thanksgiving dinner...

5. The person will probably give you a false address or not show up.

6. Can you ever tell someone how you met without feeling foolish?

7. What about gay meetings? Ever see Animal House? You think you're gonna meet your perfect guy/girl and there are 5 guys waiting to beat the shit out of you in a motel room... not a nice thought, huh?

8. Finally and remember this is a general overview!. Most people that look for love on the net are losers. Most of the couples I have come across who found love this way are usually people who aren't even pleasant to look at with "beer goggles". The average tooth count is about 15, between the both of them (unless you add that green one that's bubbling). If you have to go OUTSIDE OF YOUR STATE to meet someone compatible, it's time to give it up, you may be undateable.

Remember, some sayings are bullshit... There IS NOT someone for everyone!

Maybe you are one of them... but will take your money until you realize it... good luck

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