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Stupid Idea or Cool Bling?

Is this the coolest or what?!

How someone could actually look at this, put it in thier mouth and think they look cool is beyond my comprehension. I don't know what's a more sick concept: Put dentures over your real teeth and get all that food particles and stank going on in your mouth OR Put them over your green crooked rotted teeth to hide whats going on in your mouth...

Do these people have the illusion that people say "Wow! that guy/girl must be RICH!!! They have GOLD TEETH!!!"

Ya know what I see? A person with a sign on thier back:
take these teeth, your sean john pantsuit and your expensive sneakers, cash them in at a pawn shop, finish school, learn to speak proper english and when your bank account impresses me THEN you can go buy all the gold teeth you want!

But please, don't smile, it's still gross!

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