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WASTEFUL ACTIONS ...and the little guy


One thing I've been seeing lately is needless waste...

I was watching American Chopper moving from their garage to the new facility. It turned into a festival of destruction. It made me sick watching the sad look on Vinnie and Rick's faces as Paul Sr and his helpers were throwing a brand new leather couch out the window... Probably cost as much as Vinnie makes in 2 weeks, and the thing that made it really sick was the fact that it was BRAND NEW!

Then, Paul Sr gets the bright idea to drive his Explorer thru the shop, bashing the office, crashing down walls... Needless, selfish and foolish...

The company I work for has all the symptoms of a terminal patient. Doctor, I think she's flatlining... pull the plug... During the day you see maintenance workers forklifting loads of equipment to the docks, computers, chairs, fans, office supplies, you name it, it's going to the back. Yeah, the stuff may not be "cutting edge" but instead of doing something worthwhile with it THEY SEND IT TO THE DUMP!

Yeah, they'll write it off... Why not write it off as a donation to a local school?... how about the United Rehabilitation Service for the Handicapped? ...why not offer it to your hard working, underpaid employees?

Why don't they do it? Because they are wasteful, vindictive pricks! They enjoy destroying things because they believe life is a zero sum game... If you're getting ahead, they must be losing something...

That's why I am moving to "greener pa$ture$"

Feels good to give something back, even if it is only "the finger"

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