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IT WASN'T US ...and other terrorist fairy tales

Yeah, these guys are innocent...
PORTLAND, Ore. - Two men arrested while shooting firearms in the Larch Mountain wilderness area have piqued the interest of the FBI. A substantial cache of high-powered weapons were found near the men, though they denied the weapons belonged to them.

Police say they also found gas masks in a duffel bag with semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and ammunition.

The men have been identified as Abdullah Shabazz and Yassin Abdourahman. The men were found on private property after the authorities received a complaint of "machine gun fire" in the Larch Mountain area. Several years ago, several members of the "Portland Seven", an alleged Islamic terrorist cell, were also apprehended in the Larch Mountain area while testing weapons.
Coincedence? Extenuating circumstances? How about GUILTY?! ...there's just a few too many coincedences here. Yeah, due process, innocent until proven guilty, and all that other crap, how about common sense?

If guys like these get off the hook, we are screwed... You can have video of someone caught in the act, and some fool lawyer will try to get them off... it's always someone elses fault, or it's not how it appears...

These guys are terrorists, they are not innocent. But, some bleeding heart judge will let them go... Ah, what ever happened to the good old days?

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