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PHIL SPECTOR ...I mean, uh, damn!

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Max Wright + Noel Redding = Phil Spector

Phil Spector, respected by pretty much everyone in the music business...

Please, do something with that hair!

First of all, you're a hundred years old, stylish is no longer working for you, you're not cool, especially when you stole a hairstyle from Jimi Hendrix's bass player...

Second, you're in court for god's sake! On trial for charges relating to a MURDER! You ever hear of decorum? about maintaining a low profile? Michael Jackson's bizarre behavior is not endearing... you're hairstyle isn't much better.

Finally, it's not even a GOOD hairstyle! That thin, feeble excuse of a mane (commonly referred to as a "Jew-fro") looks about as high maintenance as "The Donald" sported by Mr Trump!

Please save your money for your defense, and leave the hairspray to the pros!

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