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SEPTEMBER 11TH you really remember?

With the passing of Septemember 11th, I sit and wonder how many actually remember that day. It makes me sick to think back and think of the horror and disbelief I felt that day. And how angry it still makes me feel...

I was the only one in my plant who had a radio. Of course I was listening to Howard Stern and having a little chuckle, when he made the announcement "A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center, it's on fire" ...immediately I thought "What a dick, that's not a cool joke to be making" until I realized it was true...

I remember telling people about it and everyone was like "Bullshit, that has to be a lie!"

...and the second tower

...and the Pentagon

...and a plane in western Pennsylvania

This had to be a joke, how could this be happening?!

Then the moment that broke me... "oh no, oh no... oh my god! The world trade center just collapsed, the whole building is just... gone" (...I'm trying to hold back my tears as I write this...) I vividly recall the heartbroken voice of Crazy Cabbie calling in to give his account of the fall, I couldn't hold back my tears...

As the day drew to a close, I went to my bed knowing the world would never be the same for me. I knew the anger I would have to supress for the rest of my life.

I knew the bleeding hearts would beg us to "Forgive"

I knew the authors of hatred would blame our love of the Jews

I knew the "tin foil hat" brigade would find a conspiracy

I knew I would hate... hate the people who did it, hate the people who sided with them, hate the people who called for peace, hate the people who tried to stop us from just retribution...

I still listen to the tape of the Stern show, I don't want to forget that moment, that pain, that hatred... Too many have forgotten the people cheering in the streets... even in our country. And yes, if I would have witnessed it, I would have bludgeoned that person unrecognizable.

There are people that have been forgotten, the innocent victims. It's sad...

There are people I will never forget, the French, the Germans, The UN, and the rest of the idiots that finally got to laugh at Goliath being stoned...

I won't forget... unfortunately, you have

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