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CANADA milk? Uh, no....

Here we go again with another bunch of idiots who can't handle the concept of personal responsibility and passive eugenics
An Edmonton-area elementary school is looking at temporarily banning the sale of milk because of the allergies of two students. The other 400 or so students would still be allowed to bring milk to school, but wouldn't be able to buy it.
So, two students are allergic, they know they're allergic, if they buy milk and drink it and die, are we supposed to feel sorry for them? No... I know rat poison might kill me or at least give me the shits, If I ingest it IT'S MY FAULT!
"The other issue that we have to be clear about is could we rationalize, under any circumstance, sponsoring a known allergen in the school?" he said.
There are lots of KNOWN allergens, someone, somewhere is allergic to just about anything...solution? school should be banned!
"If we knew that we have students that have peanut allergies in the school, would it make sense for the school to sponsor, on a daily basis, peanut butter sandwiches for students?
Why not? This is another example of a sensible idea taken to the extreme. The whole point of this argument started when peanut oil began being used to cook food and peanut pieces were added to food for flavoring. People didn't know they were there and their allergies put them at risk. You can't ban a peanut butter sandwich! That's ridiculous, how much more obvious can we be?!

Yes, stop cooking mashed potatoes with added MILK, that could be harmful and no one would know it was there, but to ban milk itself is a joke.

How long until some wiseass kid sneaks milk into some kids food? Hey, you wanna make the school safe, stop them from bringing in their own milk too! And don't say that's a ridiculous idea, it's just as intelligent as theirs...

Hey, only in Canada ...or that idiot factory called California

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