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ANIMALS ...I'm talking about humans

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Mommy! Mommy! Can I have him, PLEASE! I'll take care of him! ...How many times has THAT line been uttered over the years? Kids want to bring home that cute dog or cat, the parents give in and then... No one wants to care for this poor animal!

I live out in farm country. Do you have any idea how many times I see dog houses in the back of someone's house, and sitting next to it all alone is a forlorn dog waiting for some human companionship or his next meal?

... How about this? He's probably waiting for lightning to strike him dead and release him from this hell that he's been dragged into by uncaring human animals!

In summer they bake, usually without enough water, being eaten alive by insects...

In winter they freeze, without enough protection from the elements...

Me and my wife always adopt pets from the local animal shelter. We walk in and say "We want a cat" As soon as they start showing us the selection we always say "What cat is down to it's last days ( other words what one are they planning on euthanizing?)" They point to a big ugly cat with one missing tooth named Churchill or a clinically terrified cat named Shayna, and we say "That's the one!" Why do we do this? We give an animal who is down to it's final days a chance at a good life... Churchill lived with us MANY years as a pampered pet. Shayna (who turned out to be a boy so we changed his name to Shemp) finally has evolved from an abused, terrified misfit into the king of the house, who loves as much attention as we can give.

We refuse to go the chain stores to buy a pet, they are nothing but "puppy mills" no matter what they say. There are more than enough homeless pets to go around without (over)breeding more of them.

This is the true meaning of being civilized...

Giving another being a chance at life... a life worth living... love and companionship is a two way street. It is an invaluable source of great pleasure. That's all these animals ask of us and it's the least we can do for them... They deserve to be treated with love and respect.

If you cannot give this to an animal, DO NOT GET ONE!!!

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