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I have come to the conclusion that one of my biggest gripes with the world is the lack of personal responsibility...

Life is what you make it...

Your life is a big shit sandwich? Take a bite, you made it! You can't find a job? Stop blaming racists, the school system, or any of the other reasons that seem to be so popular. I guarantee that a winner can rise above any adverse condition! If you are a loser it is YOUR FAULT! Make your life better, grow a set of balls and do the work necessary to be a success, you lazy bastard!

You live like a king? Great! Bill Gates is NOT the devil! He took a technology that everyone thought was unusable by the mainstream and found a way to bring the masses into a whole new era. He deserves every dollar he makes. Thank you Bill! You have my vote for person of the millenium!

Aids in Africa is not a secret plot by the white man. We know what causes Aids, we know how to prevent it. Use a rubber, jackass! I don't care if you are screwing guys, monkeys or your sister... If there is a chance to contract a disease TAKE PRECAUTIONS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!

You get lung cancer after smoking for 50 years? Buy a nice headstone with your Marlboro prize stamps. EVERYONE knows smoking is bad for you, the tobacco companies tell you "If you use our product, it will kill you!" What happens the first time you smoke? You cough uncontrollably and want to puke. Isn't that enough of a hint that your body doesn't want to do it? BLAME YOURSELF!

I don't miss my own failings either. I lift VERY heavy weights! When I say heavy I'm talking more than the local tough guy even brags about when he's boozed up. If I can't walk one day because of a maximum squat, if I get a heart attack deadlifting, or get diabetes due to my excessive body weight, who should I blame? I look at that guy in the mirror every morning... I accept it and know the risks I take, but I'm not about to blame the world for forcing me to go beyond human limits...

So, I think I came up with the plan for success...

1. Get educated... if you can read this, graduate from high school at least, college... get there any way you can!

2. Women, keep your legs closed... when bads things happen to you, it will be your own fault. Guys leave, sorry, but we aren't that trustable... Didn't you realize that yet?

3. Guys... wear a rubber... that girl you bagged after a few drinks? How hard do you think it was for the numerous other guys before you? Get the hint?

4. Get a job... Can't find your dream job yet? Clean toilets, flip burgers or deliver newspapers... Do what you must to survive on your own! Secondly, you never know when a "crap job" will lead to a great opportunity. Here's a great example: My son went to Police Training, he wanted to be a cop. He decided to take extra courses in criminal justice because he decided State policeman is better than local cop. After graduation he needed a job until the "dream job" came up. He got hired as a security guard, crappy job huh? Well, he was assigned at a local nuclear plant, made a good impression and was hired by the plant directly. He now makes more than his dream job could EVER pay. So, by doing what he HAD to, he's now doing what he WANTS to.

5. Be strong... Physically, mentally, personality-wise and in every other facet of your life. Be strong, but respectful... strength without common sense is a very weak combination, and very dangerous

6. SAVE! Don't spend every penny you get, learn how to save money. And once you do buy something, NEVER sell it at a loss! Even if you "just want to get rid of it". Everything has value and someone out there will pay what you want, just have patience.

and finally... Take Responsibility for your actions. Blaming others for your misfortune is not the way to get ahead. Working with others to achieve together, IS!, what a concept!

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