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THE MINUTEMEN: innocence has no fear

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My father used to tell me "If you're innocent you have nothing to fear" (...which usually preceded my ass whoopin', I was guilty all the time).

This can be applied to most things in life: taxes, getting pulled over by police, national I.D. cards, the list is endless...

For the life of me I can't understand why people are against The Minutemen. They are out along OUR border, watching for and reporting people ILLEGALLY entering our country. They are not acting as policemen by arresting or even confronting them. They are not harassing them, some have even offered aid to the ones in bad shape.

They are acting as an expanded version of a "Neighborhood Watch" and we should be shaking their hands! They are adding a much needed extra set of eyes along our border.

It seems like one of the things people always mention is "Some of them are armed". Yeah, so? If I was out in the desert, observing people committing an unlawful act, miles from any immediate help, I would have my sidearm also. My LEGAL sidearm! I would observe and report any illegal entry while on my own land as I have the right and am compelled to do. I would take whatever LEGAL action I could to stop this crime. (...starting to see the operative phrase here?)

The people who want to distract you from the real point of the argument will say "This is racist" ...If someone is breaking into your house who happens to be black, is this racist? No! So why should we allow anyone to break into our country, steal our untaxable dollars, and hide from prosecution? We shouldn't!

Minutemen, I salute you! You are as worthy of our thanks as our military and law enforcement forces because you do it for free, without alot of support, yet still for our benefit THANK YOU!

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