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LIVE FREE! (legally) ...or die!

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) -- Federal officials say the arrest of 125 workers at a construction site for a new Wal-Mart distribution center should serve as a warning to employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Agents obtained the search warrants after learning that 10 workers employed by Destin Drywall & Paint were using Social Security numbers that did not match their names. Another three used Social Security numbers that were never issued by the government. A Wal-Mart spokesman has said the detained workers were not employed by Wal-Mart but by the subcontractors.
In this area of Northeast Pennsylvania, the illegal alien problem is becoming daily news. Towns like Hazleton seem to have become the port-of-call for the Hispanic influx.

Here's the rundown. The area was built on the hard work of immigrants, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Immigrants who came to this country, to become part of this country. They did it legally, yeah, it might have been the hard way, but it was the right way!

I can't stand the idea of people skirting the law. I live life by the book, pay my fair taxes and reap what I sow. I work hard and probably should be compensated more, but I work within the system to advance.

Now, you have people coming here, using false ID's and somehow they want to be entitled to the rights and freedoms our forefathers fought and died to give us. I don't know about you, but that's disrespecting my heritage, no matter what country I came from.

Everyone has the right to come here and be free, but when you start by breaking the law, you are already a piece of garbage that we do not need. Somehow the politicians use the race issue to say we are denying these people because of skin color. I think we've gotten past that already. What we're talking about is simple respect for the law. If we can't even get that, why should we expect loyalty?

I think it's time we make a real effort to secure our borders. If you want to be here, you better TRULY want to be here. If you are just here to live off our resources, stay where you are, live in whatever backward ass country you came from enjoy your life living in the dark...

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