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1 - Do you hear lots of rumors about things going downhill?
2 - Do people quit and never get replaced?
3 - Do longtime employees quit?
4 - Do irreplaceable employees quit?
5 - Does management know about the rumors but say nothing?
6 - Do bosses stop talking when you enter the room?
7 - Do employees stop talking when you enter the room?
8 - Is there alot of files being disposed of?
9 - Is your work being sent elsewhere?
10 - Is another plant in the company hiring more shifts but not yours?
11 - Are people being laid off?
12 - Are parts of the building being "cleaned out"?
13 - Are there alot more management meetings?
14 - Is there a feeling of discontent in the air?
15 - Are people making "unemployment line" jokes?
16 - Are people asking you how a 401K plan rolls over?
17 - People talk about "COBRA" and they don't like snakes...
18 - Are people reading newspapers during lunchbreaks?
19 - People put their house up for sale...and they just bought it!
20 - You hear an unusual number of supervisors being paged...
21 - Did the worker in the next cubicle take home their "weather bird"?
22 - Do people laugh/cry when they receive a "15 Years of Service" award
23 - Did you get a turkey or a chicken for Christmas?
24 - Did you get a turkey or a coupon for a chicken?
25 - Did you have a Company Christmas party or 2 slices of pizza?

and Number 26...
Did you take the time to read all 25?


maybe your heart is telling your mind what it doesn't want to hear...

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