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Florida Gov. Jeb Bush signed a new anti-crime law on Tuesday that allows people to kill in self-defense without first trying to flee.

Supporters say the law is a logical extension of common law that allows homeowners who fear for their lives to use deadly force to defend themselves from an intruder in their homes. The new law expands that doctrine to include people in public places who feel threatened and could be subject to death or great bodily harm.

"The ability to protect yourself, your children or your spouse, is important, no matter where you are."

I am a gun owner...

I have a concealed weapons permit...

I abide by the laws of my state and country...

However, I abide by a higher law also... the law of survival. If someone breaks into my home, they are not there to have a cup of coffee, they are there to take my possessions, my feeling of security, and possibly my life...

These things I will not give up willingly, under any circumstance! Would you?

There is NO difference if I am in my home, in my car, or walking down my street. I will protect what is mine. By any means necessary! ...Remember that phrase? If I am legally allowed to carry a weapon, why would I not be legally allowed to USE IT? Bernhard Goetz spent alot of time behind bars for something that should have been his FIRST right, protecting his own life!

Opponents of this law will say "It's gonna be like the Wild West! People will be killed everywhere for no reason!" Yeah, there will be mistakes, there will be acts of malice, and there will be outright murders. But there will definitely be less people willing to try to take advantage of innocent people. Less good, lawful people will be raped, mutilated and murdered because they didn't have to try to second guess their own instincts to protect themselves.

"If guns are outlawed, only outlaws would have guns." This is the truth. It goes for our Second Amendment issue also... The 2nd Amendment basically says the populice has the ability to protect itself, be it from criminals or an oppressive government.

If the government tells us that we can protect ourselves from IT, why shouldn't it allow us to protect ourselves from THEM...

...go ahead, gun control activists, FIRE AWAY!!!!

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