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RESPONSIBILITY ...people MUST be accountable!

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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - A pit bill that had once bitten a person, fatally mauled a young girl before being subdued by firefighters using a fire extinguisher. The girl, who was 2 or 3 years old, was pronounced dead at a hospital following the attack Tuesday at the dog owner's home.

The pit bull's owner, who also was not identified, had posted several "beware of dog" signs and was keeping the dog inside the house because it had previously bitten another person. No charges have been filed, authorities said Wednesday.

Young said animal control officials will ask a judge to order that the dog be destroyed.

How many times will we have to read this kind of story before something is done? Violent animals must be killed and their owners accountable for the injury or death that they have caused!

Now, before all you so-called animal lovers start screaming "It's the owners, not the animals!" chew on this parallel... Ted Bundy should be innocent due to the fact that his parents raised him, they ignored the warning signs that he was a predator, and because he wasn't raised right he is not responsible for the mental problems that he was saddled with... WRONG!!!

His parents are responsible for his actions because they ignored the signs that allowed him to continue his evil deeds. HE is responsible because he committed these acts. JUST LIKE AN ANIMAL!

These are animals that cannot be reasoned with. Animal activists think they know what animals feel... They feel a special bond with their animal, and I understand that. But some breed are definitely in the "dangerous" class. I'm not saying they should be pre-emptively killed, but I am saying that if they DO show violent behavior, we should err on the side of protecting humans, not the HOPE that this animal will be nice in the future...

The law should be enacted immediately. Believe me, if a dog did this to my child, the dog and the owner would be facing a very swift and painful form of justice... Old Testament Style!

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