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TAKE YOUR MEDS... and sit the f*** down!

I guess everyone heard about the passenger on the plane, shot by air marshals, right?

My view? Good...

No doubt, you're going to hear a million tales about how he was mentally unstable. You'll hear that the marshals should have used better judgement. Why do they carry guns? Passengers will say they didn't hear he had a bomb... and all kinds of other crap that means NOTHING!

The wife KNEW he was a wacko, she KNEW he didn't take his meds. Now, she wants to cry over what happened?

The media will give credence to a passenger who said "I didn't hear him say he had a bomb", just because one person didn't hear it, he must not have said it.

People are becoming a real bunch of jerkoffs when it comes to dealing with others in society. No one knows how to behave in a civilized manner anymore. Lunatics running around unsupervised, people who think the road is their own private video game, boozers making fools of themselves, and girls who think they can act like whores and have nothing bad happen.

I think it's time we take a hard look at some things we are doing in our society:

DRINKING ON PLANES: time to stop this practice, drunks are hard enough to deal with when you can kick them out of your club and call the cops... where are you going to throw them out of on a plane? and who's going to settle them down, the flying whores?... uhh, i mean stewardesses...

: How many nuts do I have to see walking the streets, talking to themselves, yelling at people going about thier business, urinating on private property, and basically dirupting the flow of normal life?

HOMELESS PEOPLE: I love the fact that we have homeless people walking around and no one cares. How do these people survive? Why won't they take offers of help? When I hear the stories of homeless people freezing in the winter, I turn my heat up another degree. There are lots of places for these indigents to go and receive help, they don't want it? F*** THEM! One more bum comes up and asks me for a dollar they're going to get a good look at my "war face"

Any liberals want to disagree? Take these nitwits into your home... you care about them? live with them!

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