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WALMART IS EVIL, you're an idiot

Lots of people have been trying to say Walmart is an evil enterprise. Here's my take on it, you're jealous because they are successful in a free society. America is a capitalist society, you get out what you put in. If you make it work, congratulations, if you don't, sorry but YOU ARE AT FAULT! Here's some of the feeble arguments against Walmart...

Wal-Mart sales clerks made an average of $8.23 an hour
Yeah, so? Uneducated or unskilled slobs can come in and get a job that pay more than minimum wage, not too bad of a deal. I see people working everyday that are called on to produce PERFECT products that people pay premium prices for and are paid less...

The owners of one of America's premiere retail corporations is comprised of five of the ten richest people in the world, all from the same family.Their personal wealth eclipses $100 BILLION dollars. Last year the company's CEO was paid a cool $11.5 million, more than the annual salaries of 765 of his employees combined! The company's profits are over $7 BILLION annually.
Oh yeah, the old "Look at the dirty rich people" routine. Be happy there are rich people around who will open businesses that do employ people. Do you understand the unbelievable cost of running a business and the always unmentioned RISK involved? They go under, they lose their life's work, all you do is look for another store to buy diapers... Open your own store, pay your people top dollar and do you think you'll want to make the same money as your employees? You started a business to MAKE ALL THE MONEY YOU CAN!

The company brags that 70% of their employees are full time, but fails to disclose that they count anyone working 28 hours a week or more as full time. There are no health care benefits unless you have worked for the company for two years.
Did we forget the concept of personal responsibility? You think the workers do not know this going in? And if they didn't, it is THEIR fault for not finding out the details of the job they applied for...

They force employees to work after ordering them to punch out. In Oregon a jury found them guilty of locking employees in the building and of forcing unpaid overtime.
I'm an American with a set of balls, do you think someone will tell me I have to work without getting paid? Do you think someone is going to LIVE if they try to lock me inside a building and force me to work? ...that would be quite a sight the next morning.

With 4,400 stores they practice "predatory pricing." They come into a community and sell their goods at below cost until they drive local businesses under. Once they have captured the market the prices go up. Locally owned and operated businesses put virtually all of their money back into the community which helps keep the local economies vibrant. This corporation sucks the money out of the local community, decreases wages and benefits and ships the profits out of state. In Kirksville, Missouri when this company came to town, four clothing stores, four grocery stores, a stationary store, a fabric store and a lawn-and-garden store all went under. Eleven businesses are now gone.
Walmart kills the Mom and Pop stores... So what?! Can mom and pop get you items at the same price? yeah, I didn't think so... If you're so concerned about them, shop there! Tell your friends, it's called "choice"! You have the free will to buy where you want! Capitalism, keep up or shut down... And the money they make will go SOMEWHERE, it will go to SOME community, it does not just disappear, someone will benefit somewhere...

Wal-Mart refuses to stock Emergency Contraception at its pharmacies.
Here's another lack of personal responsibility. Hey, ya know what contraception works 100% of the time? ABSTINENCE... keep your friggin' legs closed! Oh, you're married and the condom broke? too bad, condoms NEVER work 100% so if you aren't taking added precautions, it's your problem! Why should a store be demanded to sell what they don't wish to? Do you own the place, no? then sell what you want in your own store... Kinda like McDonald's, why should they be forced to sell HEALTHY food to keep fat pricks from filing lawsuits because they can't keep from stuffing Quarter Pounders and milkshakes down their throat?

This stuff makes me sick... It's called "freedom" people, buy or don't buy, eat or don't eat. But make the choice and own up to the fact that it's yours... If anything is evil in this country it's people trying to impose their will on others...

...and that's a funny way to counter lack of self control.

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