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Favorite TV Shows

24- Hands down the top action show around. I love the one hour format. Keifer Sutherland is without a doubt one of the great tough guy with feeling actors around

American Idol- I love everything about it. The crappy singers in the beginning of the season? Great, and funny as hell. Think the judges are too hard on them? Wrong, imagine what the world would do to them. These fools need this ridicule to be shown exactly how much they suck. There are too many people out there that think what a musician does is SO easy. Here's a nice chance to show them where they really stand. PS, I have played music professionally and have gone to school for it and even I wouldn't think I'm good enough to go on the show...

Survivor- I love seeing the new twists they pull on the contestants. I also enjoy seeing how stupid people are when they make obvious mistakes with their big mouths. The only thing I'm waiting for is when the show decides to send people into a winter wasteland type situation. Northern Canada, Siberia, somewhere chilly... now THAT would shake things up!

Monk- I think Tony Shaloub plays a great OCD sufferer. I mean, just hearing a line like "It's foot wine! I can taste the feet! ...and the toes!" ...It doesn't get much better. And the supporting cast does a great job too. If you've ever know a person like this, once you look past the difficulty of life, it's humorous to watch. Especially if they know it, and have the inner calm to be able to see the humor of it...

...ah, TV... my dearest friend

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