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My Media Hatred Continues...

Why does the media have to put out stories in an effort to start up trouble? Like this one I just read:
Hawks have warplanes ready if the nuclear diplomacy fails...
IT IS the option of last resort with consequences too hideous to contemplate. And yet, with diplomacy nearly exhausted, the use of military force to destroy Iran’s nuclear programme is being actively considered by those grappling with one of the world’s most pressing security problems.

The military option may be the only means of halting a regime that has threatened to annihilate Israel from developing a bomb and triggering a regional nuclear arms race.

While this huge US offensive is underway Iran would almost certainly deploy its most powerful weapon. It would unleash a counter-attack through proxies in the region. Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia militia, would attack Israel. Moqtadr al-Sadr, the militant Iraqi Shia religious leader, could order his Mahdi Army to rise up against American and British forces in Iraq. Iranian-backed groups could wreak havoc against Western targets across the world.
Do you get my drift? These nitwits are saying these things like it's already moving forward! They are actually pushing us towards a conflict!

Here's a simple example: Imagine the newspaper reported: POLICE ARE READY TO KILL CIVILIANS! Could you imagine the uproar that would follow? Now, let's look at the facts... Police have guns... Police are trained to shoot... Police sometimes kill civilians... All true statements, but it doesn't mean there is an ongoing offensive to start shooting people in the streets! What is meant is that police can, if necessary, shoot to kill. Everyone knows this already! But the media makes it seem like it's something new. The same way they come up with NEW reports that say smoking can kill you, NO SHIT!

Whe will this crap end? And when will groups of Americans finally stop being stupid and realize exactly what the media is and what they are doing?

...probably never

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