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BEEN AWHILE...but now I'm back

I'm gonna ease into this by hitting a couple of random topics... nothing in depth, just some "off the top of my head" thoughts...

1. ISRAEL... everyone's screaming about Israel bombing Hezbollah... I think it's time Israel started kicking some ass. No one else is really helping to protect them from all the people who wanna fuck with them... Leave the Jews alone!

2. Americans in other countries... If you are American and you decide to travel to countries like Iran, Afghanistan, or any of the other countries that have a strong distaste for us, Do NOT be suprised when you are killed! Idiot Americans are now trying to get out of Beiruit... Oh, please America, Help Us! FUCK OFF!... This goes double for the contractors who are in these other countries making MUCHO DINERO! You gambled on making money, the only problem is you gamble with your life... Don't cry when it's time to pay up...

3. PRINCESS DI ...I don't really care if they show her picture while she died... They show Kennedy, why should I be more sensitive to her?

4. REALITY SHOWS ...I must be a loser... I actually watched a reality show about car salesmen, and liked it! I guess it's like the saying goes "Everyone has a story"... It reminds me of the show where they would pick a person at random and tell you about thier life... Everyone is interesting, it just depends on how it's presented

5. REALTORS and my wife passed our real estate tests, my uncle and aunt are brokers and I've come to this conclusion... I hate realtors! Most of them know nothing! They don't know any details about the property they are selling, they don't really know the law, and they never really listen to what you want in a property.

The only thing I hate more is, people who can't pronounce realtor... It's REAL-tor or RE-al-tor not RE-la-tor... learn english

6. HAZLETON PA ...Me and my wife left Hazleton because of the growing crime rate. Recenlty Mayor Lou Barletta proposed a law that makes illegal immigrants EXTREMELY unwanted... Businesses will have licensed to operate revoked, landlords will be fined and illegals will be deported... Cue the lawsuit machines...

Thank you Lou! Sometimes the Barletta name takes a beating in this area, but I think this is a great step to making the name great once again!
Hazleton Page
Local News about the law

Whew! That's a good way to get back into the swing of things!

Let me know what you think, you weak hearted pricks! lol

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